Long Day Care runs between 7am – 6pm. Places are allocated for the whole calendar year, and two weeks written notice is required to cancel placements. All absences are to be paid for, including Public Holidays that fall on your normal day. This service is ideal for working families with a fixed schedule.

Occasional Care runs between 8:30am-5:30pm and is broken into 3, 6 and 9 hour sessions. Bookings are given on an availability basis as places are limited, and also subject of course to the government’s Priority of Access guidelines. This service is great for part-time and shift workers, students with a changing schedule, and those needing respite or emergency care for their child. You only book what you need.

No the Occasional care operating hours are very strict and cannot be changed.



For Enrolment we require the following:

1- completing an enrolment form,

2- providing the child’s birth certificate/passport,

3 - a copy of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (not the ‘blue book’),

4 - payment of bond and registration fee.

Places for Long Day Care are usually organised September/October prior to the year ahead, for the whole year.

For Occasional Care, we only book 2 weeks in advance (current week plus 2 weeks ahead). Places are limited so bookings are given depending on availability. Bookings open on Sunday (ready for the Monday morning), but you can book on any working day (Mon- Fri). In extreme cases, if you don’t have access to email you can telephone us on Monday, although not the best option. A certain number of Regular Occasional Care is also offered, these work on the same principle as LDC, and cannot be cancelled and rebooked.

For a ‘one off’ booking in future, such as a specialist appointment or a court case etc, where you need to be sure that you have care for your child, we will arrange for that booking ahead of time.

New families are welcome to take advantage of the Orientation process prior to their first booked day. Parents can attend two free orientation sessions from 10-10:30 am or 3:30-4pm, preferably on a non-rainy day. These two sessions also allow parents to observe the routine, meet the staff and ask questions.

Please understand that it is very normal for your child to become upset and cry (separation anxiety). In order to help settle your child, we suggest that you follow a routine. When you arrive, always have a little chat to your child’s teacher, smile, and don’t look unsure about leaving your child, as this will further upset them. Never sneak out as it is very upsetting for your child when they realise you have disappeared. Always say goodbye and tell your child you will be back to pick them up. Make the drop off short, and decisive. You are welcome to call the Centre to check on how your child is doing.

Please contact the Centre for a copy of the current fee schedule.

Start-up costs include a refundable bond and an annual registration fee for OC service.

All fees for previously booked and confirmed sessions should be paid prior to your child’s attendance in advance via electronic funds transfer(net banking). We do not have EFTPOST or credit card payments facilities at the Centre.

OC bookings may be cancelled by 4pm the day before by email or by phone with no charge. The payment for the cancelled session will be kept on your credit for the next time you use OC. Sometimes we can also replace your child’s booking if they are suddenly sick on the day of their attendance, as we often have children on the Wailing List for particular days. In that case you will not be charged for the cancelled session.

No. We operate on a fixed fee schedule. However, we email fortnightly statements so you can check that your account is in order.

No. It is your responsibility to pay your fees in a timely manner, in advance.

No, every child can have only one OC booking per day.

Depending on your child’s age/development you will need to provide

1. At least 6 nappies for the whole day (All day LDC or E session)

2. Formula milk if required, either in prepared bottles, or formula powder and clean empty bottles

3. A set of sheets (fitted and flat)for sleep time,

4. A dummy/pacifier if they need it

5. Extra sets of clothes in case of accidents,

6. A hat for outdoor play (if under 2).

You can use any time within the session you have booked, but you will be charged for the booked session.

Yes. As an approved provider, we are able to offer Child care benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) to the eligible families.

Walk, bus, train, drive – these are all options to access our Centre. Buses run along Holden Street and Liverpool Road. Ashfield train station is a few minutes’ walk from the Centre. If driving, we have a small car park for dropping off and collecting your child with access from Norton Street. The car park facility is strictly for drop off or collection of children.

Yes. However the current immunisation laws require families who choose not to immunise their children, to fill out an ACIR form with Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. You can call 1800 653 809 for more information. If there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease at the Centre your child will have to stay home for the duration of the outbreak, and fees are still payable during this time if we are unable to replace their bookings. Conscientious objection to vaccination on non-medical grounds will no longer be a valid exemption from immunisation requirements, and cannot claim Government benefits based on the new “No Jab- No Pay” laws.

Overseas immunisation records will not be accepted. Children who are vaccinated overseas need to have their immunisation records assessed by an immunisation provider (GP) who will transfer the information to the ACIR. An ACIR Immunisation History Statement will subsequently be issued to parents/guardians upon request. You can call 1800 653 809 for more information.

Yes we are able to cater for vegetarian diets.

We do not offer Halal food.