Long Day Care:

Parents are required to pay a bond equivalent to 2 weeks full fees on enrolment. This bond will be refunded to you when you decide to leave and after all accounts have been cleared. Fees are payable for Public Holidays and days when your child is absent due to illness. For absences of one week or more eg. Family holidays, a discounted fee of 75% of fees are charged. Parents using LDC are required to arrange a regular weekly or fortnightly bank transfer of fees in advance.

Occasional Care:

Occasional Care is a flexible service offered to families with children 6 weeks – 6 years of age. Enrolling in Occasional Care is open throughout the year for all who would like to use this service. There is no waiting list for this service.

All families utilising Occasional care are charged:

-An annual registration fee of $25 per family per calendar year. If a family registers after 1st August, the registration charge would be $15.

- A bond equivalent to $200 per child or $300 per two children or more on enrolment. This will be refunded when parents notify us in writing that they no longer require Occasional Care and after all fees are cleared. Parents who use both Long Day Care and Occasional Care services are only required to pay LDC bond.